YOUNG + WILD Summer Camp is a youth camp for students in Grade 6-12. It is hosted at Manhattan Beach Retreat Centre, near Pelican Lake, Manitoba. The camp runs from August 25 - 30, 2019. Registration is $300 (before June 1), $320 (after June 1) and includes transportation from Winnipeg, accommodations, food and programming. 

Who runs Camp? 

YOUNG + WILD Summer Camp is run by the Youth Ministry of Soul Sanctuary. Its pastor, Jordan Michalski, and its dedicated leadership team, are responsible for the administration and execution of the camp. While the camp is run by Soul Sanctuary, registration is open to all individuals, youth groups, youth leaders, churches, community organizations and high schools. 

When do the busses leave and return? 





What does an average day look like a Camp? 

Wake up in the morning for breakfast, not too early, but just early enough to have a productive day. We'll wake up, hopefully shower, and then head off to breakfast. An hour after breakfast we'll head off to to the morning show, where our hosts will help us wake up. The morning show will include morning aerobics, lively games, interpersonal interactions and announcements for the day. We'll then head off into our teams where we'll interact with one another through a breakout session. Each session looks different but they are all highly interactive. Some take place on a hike into the backwoods, while some may take place over looking the lake. Each session will point students towards Jesus. After our session, we'll have a hearty lunch which will prepare us for an action packed afternoon. Once our lunch settles, we'll begin a series of team activities for which we'll be awarding points. If you finish the week with the most points, you'll leave with a prize you won't soon forget. After an afternoon of engaging activities we'll have some free time to chill by the pool, practice our mini golf skills, or participate in organized, competitive sport tournaments (soccer, volleyball, basketball). We'll then head to dinner, followed by an evening session where students will dance and sing with our band and will hear lessons taught about Jesus by a series of communicators. After the session, we'll grab a night snack before reassembling for a late night activity. Night activities are the cap to an incredible day, often taking place outside, they'll pit team against each other in games, show of displays of talent, or bring everyone together for a party in the pool. After our night activity students will be sent to bed, only to wake up again and do it all over again the day after. 

ARE junior high and senior high student participating in the same activities?  

We've created a camp experience which takes in to consideration the unique physiological and emotional differences between junior and senior high students. Students will spend the majority of camp surrounded by students their age. Groupings for sports, small groups, meals, accommodations are all dictated by age. Students from grade 6-12 will participate together in evening chapels. 

Additionally, Junior High students adhere to a different schedule. This schedule includes times of intentional mid-day rest, less strenuous events, and an earlier bed time.


There are generous individuals who sponsor students to go to camp every year. We encourage those who need financial assistance to make their need known to their youth group leader/pastor.

What will my student be taught?

Teaching will always revolve around the love of Jesus Christ and will focus on the grace that He has freely offered to all people. Throughout the week, students be taught in a way which engages a variety of learning styles. Ultimately, students will be encouraged to seek a personal, life changing, relationship with Jesus.

What does my student need to bring?

As your student is packing they should consider Manitoba's constantly changing weather conditions. Here are a few necessities that they should remember: 

  • Clothes - underwear, socks, athletic attire, lounging attire, swimming attire, sleeping attire

  • Bedding - sleeping bag, pillow

  • Toiletries - deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, bug spray, sunscreen, shampoo, soap, towel

  • Other - Bible (will be provided for free if a student doesn't own one), notebook, cash for the candy store

What is the camper to staff ratio?

We pride ourselves on having great leaders whose primary focus is ensuring that our campers are safe and that they have a memorable time. To make sure of this, we aim to have a 1:5 staff to camper ratio that enables us to run a quality, well-organized week of camp for your student.

What happens if my student encounters AN illness or injury? 

Be sure to indicate any medical concerns, allergies and dietary needs on the camp registration form. We have an onsite nurse who is certified in first aid and CPR training. This nurse will provide any medical attention that may be needed. In the case of medical emergency, both 911 and the student's parents / guardians will be notified. If parents cannot be reached, the student's emergency contact will be contacted. 

What happens if my students suffers from homesickness?

In our experience, youth who experience homesickness often move past it when they are kept busy. We have a full camp schedule with engaging activities that appeal to students with all kinds of interests. Furthermore, students are surrounded by a loving community of students and leaders who will encourage, support and participate in activities with them. Youth with persistent homesickness will be encouraged to seek support from both peers and leaders, and will be encouraged to reach out to their parents if necessary.

My student has specific dietary needs, how will those be met?

Be sure to indicate your student's dietary needs on the camp registration form. In doing this, you are ensuring that our kitchen staff will be adequately informed and can properly prepare specific meals for your child. 

Can students who require additional supports come to camp? 

Camp is an inclusive community and we welcome students of all abilities. We encourage you to call us to inform us of your student's unique needs. Together we will draft an individualized plan to work with your student over the course of the week.