We're Home!

As of Sunday evening the WILDLIFE Jamaica team has landed safely in Winnipeg. After 8 days away, students were happy to return home, having left Jamaica different than when they had come. Over the next week you'll have the opportunity to hear from our students incredible stories of God's provision and goodness, stories of mission, and stories of life change. 

On Friday, April 7, 2017, some WILDLIFE Jamaica students will be sharing at WILDLIFE Youth from 7:11pm - 10:00pm at Soul Sanctuary. Students in Grade 6-12, are invited to attend! 

On Sunday, April 9, 2017, some WILDLIFE Jamaica students will be sharing at Soul Sanctuary from 9:59am - 11:30am. This is a fantastic opportunity to invite friends and family to church for the first time. 


Unfortunately the WIFI at our hotel does not handle the draw of the tools used to update our website and send emails to our lists. To keep up to date with the WILDLIFE Jamaica team, head on over to our Instagram account. 

Jamaican Church and the Beach!

It's day number two in Jamaica and our team is just settling in for curfew. The team will sleep well, as today was our first exposure to the intense Jamaican heat! We woke up this morning to breakfast at our hotel, followed by a team trip to church where we participated in Sunday school and three WILDLIFE students shared their testimonies. After church we headed back to the hotel for a quick change and then off to the beach. Students had a chance to try local foods and swim together in the ocean. After dinner, back at our hotel, we got together for a time of worship and teaching from Jimmy, our Mission Discovery project coordinator. We prepared ourselves for tomorrow’s trips to Blossom Garden Children’s Home and the Jamaican School for the Deaf. 

Today we are reminded that God is present wherever we go. Whether at WILDLIFE on a Friday night, or Jamaica on a Sunday morning, our God is living and active among us. 

Jordan Michalski
WILDLIFE Jamaica Team Leader

"Church… Man that is something else! I don’t even know how to describe it. Everybody’s there and everybody’s together, it was organized but not organized at the same time. They’d be in a worship time and the someone would start speaking, then preaching, then everyone to hymn 575! Then the piano guy would start playing the keys for five minutes. Oh, and the ocean view was great… and very salty!" - Isabel Friesen

"My team pushed me to go into the ocean, which I normally would not have done by myself! The church service was awesome! They had tambourines and they didn’t really care how in tune they were, they just sang!" - Piper Naim

Safe in Jamaica!

Great news! We've arrived safe in Jamaica! A huge thanks for friends and family who saw us off from the Winnipeg airport! Our flight left a little later than expected, a result of being too heavy. Perhaps all our donation bags were the reason why! Once in the air we enjoyed a quiet flight with minor turbulence. Coming down into Jamaica we had a scramble of three flights entering customs at the same time. While it took a little extra time to clear, we all got through! 

Jordan Michalski
WILDLIFE Jamaica Team Leader

"The best part of my day was seeing Jamaica from the Airplane. It was amazing! Coming into Jamaica was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. We showed up at the hotel and there was a wedding going on, an introduction to Jamaican culture!" - Micah Davison

"After our first team meeting we sat under the stars while listening to a Jamaican dance party from the wedding above us. Memorable!" - David Kroeker


We are leaving for Jamaica this Saturday! Seven months of team preparations have lead us to this week and the team is definitely excited that it's finally here.

As we prepare to leave this week, we will be coming together to pack all the supplies and items we will be using throughout the week in Jamaica and leaving with our ministry partners on the grounD. This would not be possible without the suitcases generously donated by you, our amazing supporters. THANK YOU!

We ask for your prayers this week in the following areas;

  1. PRAY for safety in our travels this Saturday. 
  2. PRAY that all of the customs, security and related travel procedures would be smooth and free from issues. 
  3. PRAY that the team would be energized, united, and focused on the mission at hand when we arrive in Jamaica.

Our next update will come from on the ground in Montego Bay, so stay tuned!


Brendan McKay
WILDLIFE Jamaica Team Leader

Team Prayer Update

We are getting so excited with the Jamaica Mission Trip just around the corner as we are leaving March 25! The team has really bonded through times of biblical teachings, team building exercises, sharing testimonies, prayer and fasting together. In fact, last night we came together to worship, pray and break a 24 hour team fast. During our fast we sought God's will for the group and asked for His leadership and direction. 

 Please help us this week by PRAYING for our time in Jamaica;

  1. PRAY that the team will be led by the Holy Spirit in everything we say and do.
  2. PRAY that we will serve in Jamaica with the Spirit of Grace and Love.
  3. PRAY that God’s anointing and power will change the lives of the people we come in contact with, and our own!

We want to thank you for all your support, as your prayers will carry the entire team on our mission to serve God in Jamaica! 

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people… This is good, and pleases God our Saviour.
— 1 Timothy 2:1-3


Kim Cook
WILDLIFE Jamaica Team Leader

Team Prayer Update

It's only two and a half short weeks before we depart to Jamaica! Our team has drawn close together through service, education and evangelism. Most recently, we spend hours together in the kitchen at Soul as we prepared for our Bake Sale, which we're excited to say raised over $1,000 for our team's cause. 

God's hand has been clearly evident in our trip preparations as our fundraising in on pace and our team has taken great leaps of faith in our own individual journeys. 

We ask for your prayers this week in the following areas;

  1. PRAY for both personal and team growth as we begin a team fast next week. 
  2. PRAY that that the remainder of our funds and donated items will be brought in. 
  3. PRAY that the team would be further encouraged to share Jesus with others, living lives of mission here at home.


Jordan Michalski
WILDLIFE Jamaica Leader

Team Prayer Update

It has been a incredible weekend for the WILDLIFE Jamaica team! This past weekend we hosted our Jamaican Getaway, a dinner, dance and silent auction fundraiser, our team did an amazing job preparing and organizing this fundraiser. We are very encouraged from the results of this night!

This weekend we had the opportunity to hear from a Jamaican Pastor and his missions team. They talked to our team about missions in Jamaica and cultural expectations. He helped to prepare the hearts and minds of our team.

This week we ask for you prayers in the following areas;

  1. PRAY: That the Lord continue to prepare the hearts and minds of our team.
  2. PRAY: Thank God for all he has provided for our team and for the success of the Jamaican Getaway event.
  3. PRAY: For courage that our team continues to share their faith and pray with others.


Sasha Michalchuk
WILDLIFE Jamaica Leader

Team Prayer Update

We are another week closer to our departure date! Only 6 weeks left! We have just finished five weeks of team sessions on evangelism concluding with this past weekend's session on how to share God's story and our own stories in as little as 30 seconds. This week we are looking forward to hearing from a Jamaican pastor and learning a little more about the local culture.

Our Jamaican Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction is this week, Saturday Feb 11th! There are a few tickets left; so if you have been wondering if you should go (OF COURSE YOU SHOULD!), you can get more information on this site and pick up those last remaining tickets before they're gone. We are all looking forward to spending an eventful evening with you, so don't miss out!!!

We ask for your prayers this week in the following areas;

  1. PRAY for team growth and unity as we take on the team effort of preparing and presenting this week's Jamaican Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction Fundraiser.
  2. PRAY that the last few remaining tickets to the Jamaican Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction Fundraiser will sell, so we can be officially SOLD OUT.
  3. PRAY that the team would be further encouraged to share Jesus with others, especially through this weeks task of looking at our own stories and seeing His power to change lives.


Brendan McKay
WILDLIFE Jamaica Leader

Team Prayer Update

Wow! There is so much happening right now with the WILDLIFE Jamaica Team! We've been learning and practicing how to evangelize and having the courage to step out in faith to share the gospel by praying with people. It was both exciting and inspiring to hear the stories this week as the students shared how they each took initial steps of faith to pray with friends, family and complete strangers that crossed their paths! These stories encouraged everyone to continue spreading those seeds of faith and prayer!

Our Jamaican Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction is just around the corner, Saturday Feb 11th! There is a lot of excitement, preparation and expectations revolving around this fundraiser as we are praying, hoping, and believing for success.

We ask for your prayers this week in the following areas;

  1. PRAY for spiritual growth and leading of the Holy Spirit as the students continue to spread seeds of faith by stepping out and praying with people.
  2. PRAY for tickets to SELL OUT for the Jamaican Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction Fundraiser.
  3. PRAY for God’s hand of blessing, favour and guidance with all the teams preparations for this mission trip.


Kim Cook
WILDLIFE Jamaica Leader

Team Prayer Update

This has been a big month for the WILDLIFE Jamaica team! Each Sunday over the course of the past four weeks has consisted of evangelism training. Students have learned the value of the Great Commission and the importance of a) sharing the Good News, b) baptizing new believers and c) teaching the commands of Jesus. Last week we talked about practical methods of planting seeds of faith into the lives of our friends, family members and even strangers. 

Last Sunday students were challenged with planting seeds through prayer. They were encouraged to pray with a stranger, friend or family member that they haven't prayed with before. By walking with the Holy Spirit students have been surrendering their fears of what people think of them, and reaching out to those who need to hear the message of Jesus. We ask for your prayers this week in the following areas:

  1. Pray for boldness and courage for our students as they take a leap of faith and pray with their friends, family members and strangers. 
  2. Pray that our dinner, dance and silent auction tickets sell. 
  3. Thank the Lord for His continued provision of our team.
Preparations and Fundraising Update

Teaching and Preparations

Since the new year the WILDLIFE Jamaica team has been busy fundraising and meeting together! The team has begun an evangelism training which teaches students the importance of the Good News of Jesus Christ and challenges them to share that good news with strangers and loved ones alike. This training will serve them well in Jamaica as they interact with children, teachers, caregivers, hotel staff and more. More importantly, this training teaches students to share their faith right where they are at, meaning a change of perspective here at home too. 


In the meantime, students are actively selling tickets for the Jamaican Getaway, Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction. Tickets are $75ea and tables can be sponsored for $500. More information can be found a the link below. 


You can continue to pray the following things for our team!
     1. That the Lord would continue to teach us and to prepare our hearts for a life of service.
     2. That our team would grow closer together. 
     3. That we would meet our fundraising targets. 

Closing Out 2016

Nearly A New Year

Time flies! It's nearly 2017! With that being said, opportunities for year end giving are plentiful! We encourage you to take some time and consider donating to the WILDLIFE Jamaica team. Your gifts will be receipted for 2016 and would go a long way in helping our team's mission. Check out the video below for some giving infromation. 

MacBook Air Raffle Draw and Winner!

We Have A Winner!

We're excited to announce that we have a winner for our WILDLIFE Jamaica MacBook Air Raffle! 

The winning ticket number is 2257. 
As of Tuesday, December 20, 2016 the winner has been contacted. 

Your participation in the raffle has helped the WILDLIFE Jamaica team raise $7,000 for our mission! Thank you for your support.

You can still make a tax receiptable donation to the team in 2016 by clicking the link below!