Team Prayer Update

This has been a big month for the WILDLIFE Jamaica team! Each Sunday over the course of the past four weeks has consisted of evangelism training. Students have learned the value of the Great Commission and the importance of a) sharing the Good News, b) baptizing new believers and c) teaching the commands of Jesus. Last week we talked about practical methods of planting seeds of faith into the lives of our friends, family members and even strangers. 

Last Sunday students were challenged with planting seeds through prayer. They were encouraged to pray with a stranger, friend or family member that they haven't prayed with before. By walking with the Holy Spirit students have been surrendering their fears of what people think of them, and reaching out to those who need to hear the message of Jesus. We ask for your prayers this week in the following areas:

  1. Pray for boldness and courage for our students as they take a leap of faith and pray with their friends, family members and strangers. 
  2. Pray that our dinner, dance and silent auction tickets sell. 
  3. Thank the Lord for His continued provision of our team.