We are leaving for Jamaica this Saturday! Seven months of team preparations have lead us to this week and the team is definitely excited that it's finally here.

As we prepare to leave this week, we will be coming together to pack all the supplies and items we will be using throughout the week in Jamaica and leaving with our ministry partners on the grounD. This would not be possible without the suitcases generously donated by you, our amazing supporters. THANK YOU!

We ask for your prayers this week in the following areas;

  1. PRAY for safety in our travels this Saturday. 
  2. PRAY that all of the customs, security and related travel procedures would be smooth and free from issues. 
  3. PRAY that the team would be energized, united, and focused on the mission at hand when we arrive in Jamaica.

Our next update will come from on the ground in Montego Bay, so stay tuned!


Brendan McKay
WILDLIFE Jamaica Team Leader