Safe in Jamaica!


Great news! We've arrived safe in Jamaica! A huge thanks for friends and family who saw us off from the Winnipeg airport! Our flight left a little later than expected, a result of being too heavy. Perhaps all our donation bags were the reason why! Once in the air we enjoyed a quiet flight with minor turbulence. Coming down into Jamaica we had a scramble of three flights entering customs at the same time. While it took a little extra time to clear, we all got through! 

Jordan Michalski
WILDLIFE Jamaica Team Leader

"The best part of my day was seeing Jamaica from the Airplane. It was amazing! Coming into Jamaica was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. We showed up at the hotel and there was a wedding going on, an introduction to Jamaican culture!" - Micah Davison

"After our first team meeting we sat under the stars while listening to a Jamaican dance party from the wedding above us. Memorable!" - David Kroeker