Jamaican Church and the Beach!


It's day number two in Jamaica and our team is just settling in for curfew. The team will sleep well, as today was our first exposure to the intense Jamaican heat! We woke up this morning to breakfast at our hotel, followed by a team trip to church where we participated in Sunday school and three WILDLIFE students shared their testimonies. After church we headed back to the hotel for a quick change and then off to the beach. Students had a chance to try local foods and swim together in the ocean. After dinner, back at our hotel, we got together for a time of worship and teaching from Jimmy, our Mission Discovery project coordinator. We prepared ourselves for tomorrow’s trips to Blossom Garden Children’s Home and the Jamaican School for the Deaf. 

Today we are reminded that God is present wherever we go. Whether at WILDLIFE on a Friday night, or Jamaica on a Sunday morning, our God is living and active among us. 

Jordan Michalski
WILDLIFE Jamaica Team Leader

"Church… Man that is something else! I don’t even know how to describe it. Everybody’s there and everybody’s together, it was organized but not organized at the same time. They’d be in a worship time and the someone would start speaking, then preaching, then everyone to hymn 575! Then the piano guy would start playing the keys for five minutes. Oh, and the ocean view was great… and very salty!" - Isabel Friesen

"My team pushed me to go into the ocean, which I normally would not have done by myself! The church service was awesome! They had tambourines and they didn’t really care how in tune they were, they just sang!" - Piper Naim