Team Prayer Update

It's only two and a half short weeks before we depart to Jamaica! Our team has drawn close together through service, education and evangelism. Most recently, we spend hours together in the kitchen at Soul as we prepared for our Bake Sale, which we're excited to say raised over $1,000 for our team's cause. 

God's hand has been clearly evident in our trip preparations as our fundraising in on pace and our team has taken great leaps of faith in our own individual journeys. 

We ask for your prayers this week in the following areas;

  1. PRAY for both personal and team growth as we begin a team fast next week. 
  2. PRAY that that the remainder of our funds and donated items will be brought in. 
  3. PRAY that the team would be further encouraged to share Jesus with others, living lives of mission here at home.


Jordan Michalski
WILDLIFE Jamaica Leader