Next Steps


Wherever we find ourselves, there is always a next step to take in our relationship with Jesus Christ. As we continue to grow and mature we respond in obedience to the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. This obedience leads us into a transformed life, a life where we take steps which lead us deeper in our relationship with Christ.



1. IT STARTS WITH JESUS : We encourage all students at WILDLIFE to make their faith their own. This is done through WILDLIFE Night salvation calls and in one on one conversations between leaders and students. Students are led through a simple prayer to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. After a student accepts Jesus, it is important that the Youth Pastor is informed. We want to celebrate and equip students who begin a relationship with Jesus.

2. BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS : We encourage all students at WILDLIFE to get to know God through reading their Bible and praying. We challenge each student to lead a life of prayer and devotion and we empower them to do so by providing resources such as Bibles and Devotionals.

3. GET BAPTIZED : We encourage all students at WILDLIFE to get baptized in water. We follow the example of Jesus and are baptized into water, symbolically leaving behind our old life and being made new in Christ.

4. DREAM TEAM : We encourage all students at WILDLIFE to get involved on our dream team. Service is a core value and students are encouraged to give back to the WILDLIFE and Soul Sanctuary communities through the following ways:

a) Production : Sound, lighting, Pro Presenter.
b) Music : WILDLIFE Band
c) Sunday Team : Baking, serving coffee, greeting
d) Setup (The Squad) : Weekly set up and special events.
e) Creative (WILDLIFE Creative) : Photography, videography, social media